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Magni Lunar and Magni Solar


flHi Candi, seasons greetings and a happy New Year to you your family and tremendous breed of dogs. Once we saw the form of red and black foot , we fell in love with the pictures of both.Well happy to say what we got in return are 2 of the most beautiful , intelligent compassionate and loving puppies. They fit right into the family perfectly with their Australian shepherd brother and standard poodle sister.

Magni Leonidas and Magni Hades


-I would like to thank Candi Jones for these two wonderful babies they’re a joy. And dealing with Magni Boerboel’s was a great experience kept in contact with me every step of the way And even now. I would recommend Magni Boerboel’s to friends and family. Thank you.


-We want to start by letting anyone reading this review that there is no way to truly tell you how amazing this experience has been! Our friendship started with Candi almost a year ago in June, my husband and I had researched the boerboel breed and looked for top breeders and found Candi at Magni Boerboels. We knew right away when we contacted her that she was the one, Candi is very caring about whom she is gives her Boerboels to, she asked us many questions, verified we had a good home with a yard and understood the temperament, training, and dedication level that the boerboel breed would require. We let her know we were interested in an upcoming litter which was expected to have black male boerboels, the mother was Blue Print Macy and the father was Magni Duma.

Once we were accepted for the upcoming litter, we provided Candi our initial deposit and she send us a contract within 24 hours with the amount we paid listed along with all the details of the contract (mother, father, birth date, color, sex, etc.). As we got closer to the birth of our puppy, Candi updated us weekly on the status of the mom and how close we were. As we made payments Candi, she sent us a new contract each time to show us the new total paid. Once the puppies arrived, she sent my husband and I pictures weekly to show us our puppy, Magni Oden! She continued to keep us updated on how he was growing, playing with others, and how his temperament was evolving. She also informed us of the brand of food, supplements, and treats that he needed before we brought him home. Candi also provided us with all the details of the best types of toys, bed, feeding schedule recommended to get our puppy on track once he got home.

Since Magni Oden (aka Odie) has arrived home, my husband and I have been truly amazed daily!! He is the most intelligent, kind, caring dog breed we have ever owned. Odie was potty trained in 3 days, completely create trained on day one. He can sit, give his paw, lay down, and come and did all this before 12 weeks. We kept calling Candi asking if that was normal, she said “yes, that is the breed, they are highly intelligent, and his parents are extremely smart”. When Candi tells her owners, I will be here for any questions you need, she truly means it. My husband and I have called and emailed Candi with questions weekly and she always responds that day to help us with any concerns or questions. She has helped us with Odie’s feeding changes based on his weight, helped us with upset stomach remedies, recommendations on preventing bloat (slow feeder), and cleaning of ears, baths, etc.

Candi has made this experience so enjoyable, knowing that if there is anything we don’t know the answer to, she is there to help us along. Odie has truly changed our lives forever and is such a complete joy, he has brought us more happiness than we could have ever imagined. We are so blessed to have Candi in our life, not only as the breeder of our best friend, but as a friend to us. We are thankful to have found Magni Boerboels and cannot wait to purchase our next puppy from them!!


-Magni Boerboels is where I was blessed to find “Benton”. I was initially pleased to learn Candi did not “sell” her dogs to just anyone, she screened the eventual families and homes her beloved Boerboels would live out their lives. Candi had a lot of questions for me, and it was evident she wanted her pups to go to responsible dog owners and lovers who had appropriate experience with powerful, intelligent, workhorse type dogs. This showed me she cares deeply about the safety and happiness of all her pups.

Our guy Benton is well socialized, takes to training quite well with praise, because he loves to please. He travels well with me (fits great in my little VW Jetta) to stores, friend’s and family’s houses, and his favorite-the dog parks. To be expected his stature is quite intimidating to the humans at the dog park, however they quickly relax when they see him getting to the ground for the littlest doggies to play with him and putting forth his best efforts to keep the run pace with the field dogs (Benton has a determined playful spirit but he is just not that fast). On hikes in our lovely Wisconsin Kettle Moraine landscapes, he loves to off leash romp and play the diverse terrain, always near enough to be watchful of my safety.

At home, Benton is an entertaining and loving member of our diverse family. My college age son and I recently moved my mom in with us, and when he is under her leash command or in close proximity of her, he is as gentle as a kitten, he inherently knows her fragile state and will not physically overpower her, yet he will play very hard with us. He loves to play with our two house cats, the cat and dog antics are amusing but never out of control.

You need to know these Magni Boerboels are show stoppers. In our city neighborhood is not uncommon for a driver passing by to stop at our house to meet him. People frequently stop us when we are on walks to inquire about him (when they are on foot or in their cars). It seems everywhere we go, someone wants to meet our Benton.

The time, love, regard, and care Magni Boerboel’s puts into improving the Boerboel breed is evident in the magnificent and healthy in mind, body, and spirit dogs they bring forth. And Candi is there for me every time I have a question or need the advice to keep my Benton happy and healthy.

Thank you Magni Boerboels for the precious gift of Benton and for all the love and care you give to your Boerboels. And thank you for always being there for me when I need your advice, expertise, and guidance.

With deep respect, Lynn


-Having grown up with a profound respect for animals: dogs in particularly I cannot remember a time when they were not a part of my life. Countless hours invested in their histories, propensities and traits I fortunately stumbled upon the Boerboel. Two descriptions resonate to this day. One read something to the effect “Laid back and calm until necessary at which point they spring to action sacrificing their life if need be.” And the other read simply “Bonafide Babysitters”! Couple this courage and watchfulness with what they endured as a species under the pioneers who settled in South Africa in the 1700s and it was then time to research this extraordinarily amazing creature with a new zeal. Looking at photographs and videos of the Boerboels from across the world did not do these dogs justice. You have to be in their “presents” to understand what I am talking about. Finally taking my rudimentary understanding and translating it into what I knew was the right animal for me and my family I investigated the many fascinating Bloodlines in the Boerboel realm. Caberet, Nostras, Gretchen, Bosvlie, spitzvuur. One place knew about them all. And knew there is more to it than just a name. This place was Magni Boerboels and company. Not bogged down by the theories and schools of thought now forming around these dogs. Hours and hours of conversations with Candi and her husband led us to understand several things but most importantly their sincerity. They sincerely want to improve this already amazing animal and will not think twice to tell someone “No you can’t have one”. They invited us to visit their Boerboels first hand and two things happened that day. My thoughts about the breed were solidified and I met my family for the first time. After that day thousands of emails were exchanged: another hundred hours of phone calls took place and several more visits. Culminating into our trip to finally take our first Boerboel home. Magni Safa is our puppy and he is brilliant. Shining brighter then some stars he struts around the yard warding off potential threats to his new family. He knows his position within the pack. Our newborn will get fussy to which Magni Safa will go lay next to him. No one gets near the baby without his permission. He is more aware of his surroundings than we could ever understand. And we could not be any happier. Anyone who is considering inviting a Boerboel into their home should utilize Magni Boerboels immense knowledge and excellent business ethics. As it is unparalleled and will make the process that much smoother. Especially since they will always be a phone call away to help you along the way. -Mr. Shallenberger



-Well, here we are again. I bought a female Boerboel from my friend Candi at Magni Boerboels . This is number two from this nice lady who is always there when I have a question. This puppy is all that she said she was going to be and I love her as much as my Magni male. Somewhere down the line I will get one more! Anyone that is looking for a good puppy I would recommend giving Magni Boerboels a call. They have been good to me and are good people.

Love Always


-Dear Magni Boerboels,

I have drafted this letter many times in my mind and heart and am finally getting words to paper. We are long time animal lovers and have always had furry family in our home. When our Rhodesian Ridgeback passed away we spent 2 years deciding what breed we wanted to welcome into our fold next. We have had magnificent mutts, AKC Rottweilers, AKC Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and AKC Goldens all join our family, but this time was different. We have 9 year old daughters to consider who grew up with our Ridgeback. One of our kiddos is Autistic so we know we needed a dog who was good at assessing the situation and great with family and also naturally protective since her instincts are not reliable. After a year or so we narrowed it down to the Boerboel and went on a search to find some we could go physically see and play with. That was not an easy task to do, but when we did, it was wonderful. The girls naturally fell in love and the adult dogs and puppies let them crawl on and play like they were family. It was amazing and we knew we had a fit for our family. Now to find the right breeder. As you may have noticed, we always had AKC registered dogs if it wasn’t a mutt and after years of seeing what was happening to the breeds through the years we did NOT want an AKC registered dog. This is my personal opinion based on years of direct ownership and study and research, but it seems that once AKC is involved the health and TRUE standard of the dog is lost. All of our dogs are family and we want them to be with us healthy for as long as possible and we kept seeing health issues pop up through over breeding and showing and just irresponsible breeder practices all in the name of money and prestige. The fact that the Boerboel was not AKC recognized was a huge plus for us and the final nail in the selling point. Breeders of Boerboels that were breeding for size only are a dime a dozen. Finding breeders that are continuously breeding to maintain the real breed standard is rare and that is what we found with Magni Boerboels. They are down to earth breeders who truly care about their dogs, the health, and the future of the breed standard. They do not authorize their pups to go to just anyone with money in their wallet. They will research you like we researched them. This is why we chose them. Their true commitment to the Boerboel.

Our journey to getting our “Fluffy” through them has been amazing. I have had most of my interactions with Candace and she has become so much more than a breeder to us. She is family. She and her husband walked us through what we needed to know and continue to this day to answer calls of questions or concerns. Yes I am experience with big dogs and big attitudes, but I am not experienced with the Boerboel, and everything I read does not prepare you for the hands on of loving one in your home. That is why having an endless resource at my fingertips like they are is such a blessing and a must in my opinion when picking your breeder. They do not just take your money and cut you off. They want to be there, and are there, for you whenever you need them. Their knowledge is vast and continually growing and oh so valuable.

So we get our Fluffy. Santa delivered him Christmas morning and the girls and us fall instantly in love. Now remember that one of our kiddos is Autistic and has issues on a regular basis where she will go into an Autistic Fit. Sometimes these can go on for 3 hours at a time and are not pretty. Well 2 days in to having Fluffy and she had one. Now remember, this is only our second day with Fluffy, and no training has occurred as I just wanted him to acclimate. When she ran into the room and was screaming and I was with her trying to make sure she did not hurt herself, I hear this scratching at the door. Then I hear it again. I wasn’t sure I was hearing what I was hearing over the screaming. It was Fluffy trying to get in to her. I rocked her and told her to listen and she heard him scratch again which brought her to the door. She went to a corner in the house and that little black puppy waddled over to her and licked her face and sat in her lap while she stroked his one ear in between her fingers for two hours and did NOT move! She rocked and he sat motionless in her lap on the floor for two hours. My husband and I wept as we watched what we considered a miracle. Since then he has gone to her everytime she has spiraled down and has repeated the same behavior. He continues to sit still for her everytime for as long as she needs. Granted he will NOT sit still for the rest of us!! 🙂 His instincts and heart are exactly what we need. He truly belongs here. He has integrated himself into each of our hearts and our home with seemingly no effort or training. He just knows and senses the needs around him.

I have had and loved smart breeds before, but I honestly can tell you that if you get a Boerboel, he will be smarter than you are! 🙂 He is incredible with our family, and already protective. His natural instincts are unrivaled by any other breed I have ever loved. That being said, Boerboels are NOT for the first time owner. They are smart, stubborn, headstrong dogs who will run you over if you do not have the proper training and experience to love and train them. We had full German Rotties and Boerboels win hands down in all categories including being head strong. BUT, if you do have that experience, I can testify that even at this young age, I can say this breed is amazing and worth every moment of training it takes to let them know where they stand in the family.

I have enclosed a picture of our spectrum daughter with Fluffy sitting with her while she calms down. He could be playing with us but sat with her until she was over the situation. This is who he is. All heart surrounded by big burly muscles and controlled by a master mind. We look forward to years of having him by our side and in our hearts.


The Eisan Family

P.S. No I was not paid, bribed or coherced in any way for this testament. Number one – I can’t be bought – just ask my husband, Number two – everything I have said is the truth.





-Just wanted to let you know how incredible our girl Kaya is. She is a loving, smart, sweet, beautiful example of a Boerboel. We couldn’t be happier.

She is incredible with our small (very small) dogs and wants nothing more than to sit on our laps!!

At 108lbs, that’s not too bad!


Thank you for this incredible dog. Megan & B.J.


-I had been looking for a Boerboel puppy for some time, until I found Magni Boerboels. I made a call and we talked for about an hour before I was allowed to buy a puppy. What can I say> it was the best investment I made. This puppy is all that she said it would be. I purchased a black male who is now 10 weeks old. He has a lot of growing to do but we have nothing but time (he is already 20lbs!)

We stay in touch and I will buy another Magni Boerboel down the line.

Yours Truly

Curtis Robinson



-I really can not say enough about my puppy. I have never seen a dog get so much attention everywhere I take her. She is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen or owned. Layla (Dynasty Faith x Great Lakes Kobi ) has the perfect temperament, loves children and gets along with other dogs. This is a breed that deserves breeders like Magni Breeders, a breeder that will ensure that the breed stays at the top of the line and offers more information than you know what to do with from options of dog food down to supplements I could not be more satisfied with the quality of my puppy and the service from Magni Breeders. Candi has emailed me on a regular basis enquiring about Layla to make sure that she is being raised properly and being taken care of. Her attention to the well being of the pups lets me know that this is the kind of breeder I want my puppy to come from and I would recommend Magni Breeders to anyone looking for a quality breed Boerboerl Mastiff.

Thank you so much Candi.



-We have had dogs most of our lives and Magni Boerboels has been and still is one of the best experiences we have had with dog breeders and we are very happy to say that they have done a fantastic job with the New year puppy litter. We did a lot of research and called a lot of places before we chose ZOE, one of the Magni Boerboels new year’s puppies. We were asked a lot of questions too before they chose us and made sure their puppy went to a good home, with people who know what to expect. They are courteous & have kept in constant contact with us over Zoe’s progress, be it at a time of crisis or not. They were honest about the breed’s strengths and weaknesses and knowledgeable about the genetic diseases that can affect the breed – including what we could do to try and avoid them. They were able to give us an idea of what the future holds specifically for Zoe in terms of temperament and appearance and helped us make an informed decision. They have been an excellent resource and breed mentor for us and have been helping us have a positive puppy parenting experience. They genuinely care for their puppies!

We are very happy the way Zoe is turning out to be. Alex, our 8yr old Cocker Spaniel and Zoe get along great. She is full of energy, loves to please, social, very smart, highly manipulative, people friendly drama queen! She looks awesome and is an instant celebrity wherever we take her because of the rarity of the breed, her temperament and mostly because she has an infectious personality!

We are very pleased with Magni Boerboels and would definitely recommend them and their puppies.




-We had been searching for a boerboel puppy for a while. At the end of February we contacted Candi at Magni. We talked for about 45 minutes on our first conversation which was pretty much an interview to see if we even met the criteria. During that time she gave me every detail on the stud Kobi and the mom Faith. She was very detailed in every question I asked.

Upon seeing the puppies they were extremely well taken care of. When we got home had him checked by our vet and just as we expected he’s perfect. Perfect health, built true to the breed standard and a gentleman in public. Rebel is now 17 weeks and 60 lbs. He’s smart, gentle with the kids and most importantly full of puppy! So glad we made this choice, could not ask for a better dog!

– The O’Learys


-From Dynasty Boerboels

I am very happy to be partnering with Magni Boerboels. They are great and honest people and breeders. Their dogs are well taken care of and socialized. We have a great black female out of their New Year’s litter, named Magni Beautiful…she is amazing and we are looking forward to her as a new addition to our breeding program!



-I am very excited for becoming a member of the MAGNI BOERBOEL family with the purchase of our black male MAGNI LUPO. It has been great experience since the beginning when we contacted the breeder and they took the time with us to share their knowledge and experience with the breed. I was very familiar with other MOLOSSER breed but even so MAGNI BOERBOEL took additional time to provide additional support in making the decision of getting our boy MAGNI LUPO. I was concern purchasing a pup online and 2,500 miles away but with the multiple conversations that we had and the support I receive convinced me that I found the right responsible breeder that had a vision of their breeding program and the quality of the dog that they wanted to have. I live in Mexico and making an international purchase is not an easy decision but it was fantastic, we didn’t encounter any problems and our little boy arrive on time and health. MAGNI BOERBOEL still do follow up emails with us to check on the pup’s health and to provide support on any question we may have. Thank you MAGNI BOERBOEL for giving us not just a puppy but a new family member, my 2 daughters ages 8 and 5 love LUPO and he loves them.. I am sure he is a great example of what this breed is and we are very happy to have him with us.

Hector Grajeda

Saltillo, Coahuila MEXICO



-Dear Magni Boerboels:

I just wanted to let you know that Duma (Dynasty Faith x Great Lakes Kobi ) is doing great! He is the smartest dog I have ever owned period. He is a joy to spend time with and loves to go out and spend time with my wife and I. He was potty trained within two hours of being brought home which I really cannot believe but it is true, he has had very few mistakes in our home. I have started introducing him to obedience training which he is caught on to very quickly. He is very well behaved in public and likes to guard “his” property. At 13 weeks, he is filling out nicely, weighing in at a lean 43 pounds with a clean bill of health at each veterinary visit. We couldn’t be happier with Duma or Magni Boerboels, you have produced a great example of the South African Boerboel and have been a joy to do business with. I appreciate the fact that you are selective about who receives a Magni Boerboel and that you strive to find your pups a fitting home. Your attention to detail shows that you truly care for the dogs that you produce. Once again thank you and I will stay in touch with frequent updates about Duma.

Randy Howland