All pups are sold and in their new forever homes! Thank you to all the new owners and welcome to the Magni Boerboel Family!

Next planned breeding is with Revelation Jetah, Feb 2018. Watch for updates!


Deposits are a minimum of $500.

Call for further information or email us!

Please email us for further information or to purchase.


Things to know when buying a puppy from Magni Boerboels;

* All payments made through PayPal have a fee attached that does not go towards your payment. If you send the money (friends/family to fees are charged to anyone). If you would rather use another way to pay-please call us to discuss other options.

* Deposits are a minimum of $500 to reserve your puppy.

*Deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances, but can be applied to other litters.

* Puppies are chosen after they are temperament tested at 6 weeks. However, Magni Boerboels reserves the right to Pick of the Litter(POL)for any litter.

From time to time we offer a foster program for dogs. Please give us a call to inquire about this program and what dogs we have available for foster.

* Puppies are chosen after 6 weeks of age. We do our best to fit the right temperaments with the right home and the first real sign of temperament is after 6 weeks.

* Buyers understand that we cannot control the size of the litter, color of puppies within a litter or sex of the puppies within a litter. Specific colors and masks are not guaranteed, and will not be the determining factor of the puppy selection.

* All puppies are sold on Breeding or Companion(Pet) contracts. Companion(Pet) must be Spayed or Neutered and written proof must be sent to Magni Boerboels. We ask that females are not fixed until after they have had at least 1 cycle. Our preference is that all dogs are not spayed or neutered until after 16 months of age.

* Birth Certificates will not be issued without a signed contract. Buyer is responsible for all shipping/travel costs including additional vet fees and permits for international shipping. Buyer is also responsible for all shipping fees in the event that a puppy is returned to seller and a replacement puppy is sent to buyer.

* All puppies are to be paid in full and funds must be received and cleared before the puppy is 6 weeks of age, after 6 weeks Magni Boerboels has the right to offer the puppy to another buyer and the deposit will be moved to another litter, unless previous arrangements have been made. Puppies are available to go to their homes after 8 weeks of age. After 9 weeks of age a $8.00 per day boarding fee will be added to the cost of the dog for each additional day.

* All payments are final and refunds will not be issued under any circumstances, but can be applied towards other litters. Magni Boerboels will not be responsible for any vet fees under any circumstances.

* We are always looking for Boerboel lovers close to us (in the NW Indiana area) for co-ownerships and fosters. If you are interested in this program, please send us an email. An application, interview (in person or over phone), and references are all required.